Why you should nominate yourself

The Blossom Awards celebrate the success and contribution of the British-Chinese Community to our national life.

Winning an Award will allow you to:

  • Be recognised as a leader in your industry, sector or community
  • Boost your profile, including through local and national media opportunities
  • Join a network of role models for the British-Chinese Community

Our Judging Panel are looking for British-Chinese achievers who have made an outstanding contribution to the category they are nominated in. This will usually mean you have done some or all of the following: 

  • Achieved prominence in your industry, sector or community
  • Delivered outstanding results, outcomes or growth
  • Created or led an organisation or project
  • Acted as a role model
  • Inspired or mentored others

How to nominate

To nominate yourself:

1. Complete the online Nomination Form below


2. Submit your CV (and an optional supporting statement) plus a colour head and shoulders photo of yourself, using our online portal below.

Please read the General Criteria and Nomination Guidelines below carefully before submitting your nomination.

Nominations close at 11 pm UK time on Friday 12 June 2020. Any nominations received after this time will be disregarded.

General Criteria

The Awards are open to people of any gender, but anyone nominating themselves for an Award must fulfil all the below criteria:

  • Be aged 18 or over on Friday 30 October 2020​
  • Be permanently based/resident in the UK​
  • Be of Chinese heritage, and either be born in the UK or have spent a substantial part of their life in the UK​
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the category they are nominated in ​
  • Be able and willing to act as a role model for others​
  • Represent British values in action​
  • Will attend the Awards Ceremony & Dinner on Friday 30 October 2020 in central London, if shortlisted. Your ticket to the Awards Ceremony & Dinner is complimentary, if shortlisted

Nomination Guidelines

1. Nominations close at 11 pm UK time on Friday 12 June 2020. Any nominations received after this time will be disregarded.
2. You can only nominate yourself. Nominations submitted on your behalf are not accepted.
3. There is no charge or fee to submit a nomination.
4. Nominations must be submitted in English only.
5. An individual can only nominate themselves for one category (where an individual nominates themselves for more than one category, only the first nomination received will be considered).
6. Nominations and related materials will only be seen by the Judging Panel, the Founders and the category sponsor, and will be treated confidentially.
7. The Judging Panel may transfer your nomination to a more suitable category if they feel it is appropriate.
8. All the materials submitted to The Blossom Awards become the property of The Blossom Awards, and will not be returned.
9. All materials submitted relating to The Blossom Awards 2020 will be deleted or destroyed after the Awards Ceremony & Dinner.
10. Only nominees who are shortlisted will be invited to the Awards Ceremony & Dinner.
11. There is no further guidance on what you should include in your answers to the questions in the Nomination Form below. You should interpret the questions yourself and provide the answers you feel are appropriate from your own perspective.
12. No feedback can be provided in relation to any nomination, and the Judges’ decisions are final.


1. Please ensure your CV is no more than 2 pages of A4, and is submitted as a PDF file.

2. The format and contents of the CV are up to you – there is no prescribed format.

3. Please do not include links to videos, social media or other online materials in your CV, as these won’t be read or accessed.

Optional Supporting Statement

Submitting a supporting statement is optional. This could be from a colleague, manager/supervisor or someone else that knows you and can talk about your work that is relevant to the category you are nominating yourself in. 

Colour head and shoulders photograph

Please ensure that the photograph is of your head and shoulders and is a clear, well-defined image.

Nomination Form

  • Your CV (maximum of 2 A4 pages) - compulsory*
  • Colour head and shoulders photograph of you (JPEG/PNG format; maximum size 5 MB) - compulsory*
  • Supporting statement (maximum of 1 A4 page; must include supporter’s written or digital signature) - optional