About The Blossom Awards

The Blossom Awards celebrate the success and contribution of the British-Chinese Community to our national life.

The Awards bring together the nation’s leaders and influencers to recognise inspirational achievers from one of the UK’s most-established, patriotic and successful communities. The Awards promote the participation of British-Chinese people in all aspects of our national life and aim to positively shape the narrative around their contributions whilst challenging outdated stereotypes.

Founded in 2020, the Awards are a non-profit, non-political initiative that celebrate the diversity and success of today’s United Kingdom – and the important role of British-Chinese people within it.

The Awards focus on members of the British-Chinese Community who were born in the UK, or who have spent a majority of their lives living or working in the UK, and therefore have a strong connection to the United Kingdom and consider themselves British.

Talented but largely unrecognised achievers from the British-Chinese Community who have not enjoyed prominence are the intended beneficiaries of the Awards. We want to highlight “unsung heroes” and success stories that can inspire other British-Chinese people to realise their full potential.

The Awards have no connection to, support from, or interest in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) or citizens, governmental bodies or state-backed agencies or entities of the PRC. The Awards are solely focused on the United Kingdom, and the British-Chinese people who have proudly made this country their home.

Nominations for the 2020/2021 Awards have closed and the Awards Ceremony has taken place.

About the British-Chinese Community

The British-Chinese Community is around 400,000-strong and consists of British citizens who were either born in the UK with Chinese heritage, or those who have moved here to live and work.

The third largest ethnic minority group in the UK, the British-Chinese have lived in the UK for over 200 years and are one of the country’s most successful, integrated and patriotic groups.

British-Chinese people have the highest average earnings of any minority group, and British-Chinese people play a positive role in communities across all four Nations of the United Kingdom, excelling in every field of national life from business, science and the arts to working in our NHS and public services and serving in our Armed Forces.

Whilst Chinatowns – and Chinese supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways – are often the most visible symbols associated with British-Chinese people, they do not represent all that British-Chinese people have achieved in the UK. There is much more – and The Blossom Awards are being organised to highlight the many other fields in which British-Chinese people excel.


Alan Mak

Alan Mak was born and grew up in York, where his parents started and ran their own small business (a high street shop) for over 20 years, having come to Britain from China and Hong Kong.

He is the Member of Parliament for the Havant Constituency in Hampshire. Elected in May 2015, he is the first ever UK Member of Parliament from the British-Chinese Community or with Chinese heritage.

Alan gives his time and support to The Blossom Awards on a pro bono, non-party political basis. His other non-profit or charitable commitments include supporting the Royal British Legion and the children’s charity Magic Breakfast.

Further details about Alan are available on his website.

Cathy Watts

Cathy Watts is an expert on marketing, travel and consumer trends.

Having studied and worked in several Chinese cities (including with the British Council), served as a manager for a Greater China travel-focused SME and assisted with numerous events at the China Exchange venue in London, Cathy is passionate about supporting the British-Chinese Community.

She now runs her own business, specialising in events, marketing and strategy.


Alan Yau OBE

Alan Yau is an award-winning entrepreneur and restaurateur who has revolutionised the Chinese and Asian restaurant sector in the UK.

His restaurants Hakkasan and Yauatcha were both awarded a Michelin Star, and he also founded Wagamama, Park Chinois, Busaba Eathai, Princi, Duck and Rice and SoftChow.

Alan’s family settled in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, having moved to the UK from Hong Kong. Alan was awarded the OBE in the 2006 New Year Honour’s List.

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